Introducing The Sismo App Store

We are excited to introduce the Sismo App Store, a cornerstone of our effort to expand the accessibility and understanding of Sismo Connect.

What is the Sismo App Store?

The Sismo App Store is a central hub for users to discover new Sismo Connect Apps. It is open-source and designed so builders can effortlessly construct their own apps from templates and add them to the store, even without coding knowledge.

Most apps are gated to specifics types of users such as NFT owners, DAO members or web3 social users so we provided a demo version of the App Store: anyone can experience Sismo Connect!

The Sismo App Store
The Sismo App Store

Spaces and Sismo Connect Apps for all!

Apps are grouped under Spaces, which anyone can create for their community by following the guide on our dedicated resources pages.

Once a Space is up, you can add Sismo Connect Apps to it. It's quick and simple to create an app from our adjustable templates - we'll discuss this more shortly.

What are Sismo Connect Apps?

They are applications using Sismo Connect libraries to request ZK Proofs from users’ privately aggregated data (e.g NFT ownerships, GitHub contributions or DAO memberships). These ZK Proofs are then verified in a backend or smart contract based on whether the app is onchain or offchain.

For more depth, visit our docs and case-studies.

Sismo Connect Flow
Sismo Connect Flow

Available Templates of Sismo Connect Apps

To help builders, we provide templated apps that require no coding skills (resources).

zkForm template: more than gated forms

This template enables the creation of a privacy-preserving form that can:

  • Be gated from privately aggregated data (e.g token owner of my project AND Gitcoin Passport holder with sufficient Sybil-resistant score)

  • Receive users’ personal data via ZK Proofs such as their Twitter/ GitHub/ Telegram accounts and/or wallets, and anonymous granular data about their accounts (e.g amount of tokens owned, number of votes in a DAO, etc.)

The Aave-Chan Initiative used the zkForm template to collect physical addresses from their delegates without needing their wallet information.

Access the app | Demo version | Full case study

Aave-Chan Initiative Swags
Aave-Chan Initiative Swags

The zkForm template can be used to generate privacy-preserving apps:

  • Gated-newsletters

  • Lotteries

  • Feedback forms

  • Event invitation forms

  • Forms to send physical items

TelegramZkBot template: privacy-preserving gated group chats

You can restrict your Telegram group access, preserving user’s privacy with Sismo Connect:

  • A Telegram group for DAO members or token holders without revealing private wallets

  • Anonymous Telegram groups for delegates or followers without revealing public wallets

Access the Join Citadel app | Demo version

Citadel Group Invitation
Citadel Group Invitation

[Soon] zkDrop Template: NFTs dropped to reputable users

Drop NFTs to specific users in a privacy preserving way. For instance all github contributors and DAO participants.

Custom applications

Developers can also build custom applications. Concrete examples will be out and forkable soon on our App Store repository.

This wraps up our Sismo App Store introduction. We'll continue to offer more templates and can't wait to see what you will make out of it!

Twitter | What is Sismo? | App Store | Resources

Stay tuned to our blog!

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